There are a large number of black powders on the market, of which we stock a variety. To aid users in their choice of powder, the following tables have been prepared.

Black Powder In Stock

The following tables are meant to be an
indication as to which powders may be
used in particular guns.

Both these files are in pdf format.

Metallic Cartridge Handloading & Bullet Casting Guide

The above loads are those generally regarded as suitable for muzzle loading firearms in good condition. In certain types of firearms (eg smooth-bore flintlock pistols, flintlock rifles and muskets firing patched round ball) slightly heavier charges and/or finer grades of powder are frequently used to obtain better accuracy. Particular care should be used in such cases and it is advisable to start with lighter loads and make increases gradually. Proof service loads should never be exceeded. We accept no responsibility for the contents and accuracy of, or omissions from, the above table.