Black Powder Supplies

We hold a wide range of black powders for musket, rifle, pistol and shotgun shooters, also historical re-enactment purposes. The following powders are normally available from stock:


Powders other than those listed may be obtainable. Should you have any specific wants, then please contact me.

All powders are available in 1kg containers. Note that the containers are returnable. Re-use keeps the cost down!

Should your needs include black powder substitutes, then Pyrodex is also available.

Black Powder

PowderPrice per kg
Swiss Powder:
Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
FO A£48.00
FO Triangle£48.00
Fine Powder£48.00
Medium Powder£48.00
Course Powder£48.00
Note that the medium and coarse powders above are the equivalent grades of the now discontinued brand of ‘Colonel Farquharson’s’ powders
1 1/2Fg£48.00
Other Powders:
Swiss #5B (Bolle)
Cannon / Punt Gun Powder
Cannon / Punt Gun Powders £48.00
Swiss OB Priming Powder£60.00 per 250 grams