If you wish to load and shoot a Black Powder gun of any sort then you must first obtain a COER 3 – Certificate to Acquire and Keep Explosives. This form is available from your local Constabulary and is currently free of charge. This Certificate lasts for three years. The maximum allowance for personal usage is currently 15 kilo’s. The UN numbers relating to Black Powder are UN 0027 & UN 0028.

Prior to obtaining an Explosive Certificate it is possible for you to shoot a Black Powder gun if it is loaded by someone who has an Explosive Certificate ie. for training purposes, subject to you having the correct documentation and being a member of the club.

In England and Wales – All new explosives certificates (acquire and keep) issued by the Police should include an RCA document which allows you to transport black powder. You should contact your local Police explosives liaison officer if an RCA was not included with your explosives certificate.

Explosives Regulations 2014 (ER2014) 

These new regulations came into force on the 1st October 2014 and deal with the suitability of a person or corporate body to possess and store explosives.  

Any person or body that wishes to acquire and/or keep any explosive that is deemed to be ‘security sensitive’ for example, black powder, blasting explosives or detonators, will require an appropriate certificate issued under these regulations, for the storage of certain quantities of explosives a Licence to Store may be required.

Applications for explosives certificates and licences must now be made on the relevant new style application forms which should be available from your local firearms department or on their web site.

There are two types of Explosives Certificates:

Acquire Only – this is issued to permit a person or corporate body to obtain explosives which are used straight away and are not kept overnight.

Acquire and Keep – this is issued to allow a person or corporate body to obtain explosives and keep them in an approved storage place.

If you require any help or assistance regarding your application for an explosives certificate please email me at peter.starley@gmail.com